Fire & Life Safety

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

Safeguard yourself against fire safety legislation breaches and ensure the safety of your business premises and your employees with commercial fire alarm systems that not only satisfy UK fire alarm regulations but also meet your business requirements.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation for Businesses in Central Scotland

UK fire alarm regulations state all business premises are required to have “an appropriate fire detection system.” This ensures that fires can be promptly identified, and individuals inside the building can be quickly alerted.

Does Your Business Need a Commercial Fire Alarm System?

Fires can have devastating consequences for businesses, not just in terms of immediate damage, but also in the long-term viability of the company. No matter which type of business you’re running, safety must be your top priority.

Stay compliant

“An appropriate fire detection system” is needed in the place of business, according to UK fire alarm regulations.

Protect business assets

A commercial fire alarm system can help protect business assets such as inventory and equipment from fire damage.

Protect lives

Early detection ensures occupants have the maximum amount of time to evacuate a building safely in case of fire.

Our Commercial Fire Alarm Services Include:

  • A range of commercial fire alarm systems
    • Wired fire alarm system installation
    • Wireless fire alarm system installation
    • Hybrid fire alarm system installation
    • Addressable fire alarm system installation
    • Non-addressable fire alarm system installation
    • Standalone fire alarm system installation
    • Networked fire alarm system installation
  • Integrations with other building systems
  • 24/7 remote monitoring by an alarm receiving centre
  • Fire brigade response to alarm activations

Types of commercial fire alarm systems

Commercial fire alarm systems are designed to detect fires early in their development, allowing for the safe evacuation of occupants and minimising property damage. These systems can vary in complexity based on the size and type of the building, as well as the specific needs of the occupants. Here are the primary types of commercial fire alarm systems:

Wired fire alarm systems

These systems utilise physical cables to connect fire alarm components. They are reliable due to direct connections and ideal for buildings under construction or undergoing major renovations.

Wireless fire alarm systems

Our experts professionally install fire extinguishers, whether wall-mounted or on stands, ensuring visibility and easy access during emergencies.

Hybrid fire alarm systems

A combination of wired and wireless components, hybrid fire alarm systems offer flexibility in installation and expansion. They can be tailored to specific building needs, leveraging the strengths of both systems.

Addressable fire alarm systems

Addressable fire alarm systems are typically used in larger buildings or complexes for precise monitoring. Each device has a unique address, allowing pinpoint identification of activated components. This enables faster response to incidents and easier maintenance.

Non-addressable fire alarm systems

Non-addressable fire alarm systems are simpler and more cost-effective but less precise than addressable systems. Devices are connected in zones without individual identification. When activated, only the zone is identified, not the specific devic

Standalone fire alarm systems

These systems operate independently without connection to other systems. Standalone fire alarm systems are common in residential settings. Alerts are typically localised, and the system doesn’t communicate with a central monitoring station.

Networked fire alarm systems

Multiple fire alarm systems interconnected, often across buildings or sites. Networked fire alarm systems allow centralised monitoring and control. They are ideal for campuses, large corporations, or facilities with multiple structures.


Choosing RACAM for Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

When selecting a commercial fire alarm system, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of the building, the local regulations, and any industry-specific requirements. Experts at RACAM can help you make an informed decision.


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