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Paxton Approved Installers In Glasgow

As your trusted Glasgow Paxton approved installer, RACAM specialises in equipping commercial businesses like yours with cutting-edge Paxton access control systems. Our method of tailoring solutions to the unique needs of your premises ensures your building is secure and efficient. By using the latest in Paxton’s technology to deliver high-quality access control system services, we give our clients peace of mind as they’re assured their business property is secure at all times.

What is Paxton?

Paxton is a leading product provider of access control systems, known for their innovative products that enhance the security of commercial spaces. Paxton systems range from simple, standalone door entry products to complex, networked access control structures — all integrating advanced technology to guarantee safety and efficiency. Paxton products are designed for the diverse needs of businesses from across various sectors, offering user-friendly and reliable security solutions.

Paxton10 Camera on a white wall in use.

Why Choose Paxton?

Paxton products are known for their reliability, innovation, and flexibility. Their systems are also user-friendly and scalable. Paxton products offer a wide range of coverage for security requirements, from simple entry controls to complex networked environments. With a Paxton installation, your business benefits from the latest in security solutions, as we at RACAM only offer the best and most technologically advanced products on the Paxton roster.

What Is Paxton10?

Paxton10 is a video management and access control system that combines the two services into one system, making it much easier to manage and operate. Part of the Paxton10 system is a user-friendly, all-in-one interface. The reason Paxton’s system is so impressive is because access control and IP cameras are usually installed in the same building but rarely integrated, which is where Paxton comes in handy.

Paxton10 works by managing who has access to your property via video footage, which allows you to monitor your site while also controlling who has access to it. All doors you connect to the Paxton10 system will lock automatically and only open if authorised access tokens are presented. If a break-in is attempted, your surveillance cameras will capture it and alert the system administrator.

Paxton10 is the next stage in property security, blending and integrating systems into one cohesive, effective defence against any intruder to your property. All from the comfort of one singular system.

What is Paxton Net2 Software?

Paxton Net2 software is a network access control system from Paxton. At RACAM, as Paxton approved installers of the Net2 system, we cover all your security needs. Paxton Net2 can be installed on one or a couple of PCs, allowing you to have more flexibility within your access control system. You can also monitor and manage your access control systems from a central location of your choosing. Paxton Net2 covers your door handles and door entry installations as an easy access system for your building’s access control.

Paxton Net2 software on a person's laptop

Paxton’s Key Features

Paxton’s key features include user-friendly access control systems, scalable solutions for businesses of any size, and advanced security through integrated video management. Their products are designed for reliability and ease of use, ensuring secure and efficient operations for commercial spaces. Paxton products are some of the best on the market. As a product producer with extensive experience and superb product design, Paxton’s systems are some of the best in the world.

Paxton Access Control

Paxton Access Control systems offer sophisticated security solutions designed for a variety of environments, including:

  • commercial spaces
  • public space
  • private space
  • industrial space
  • institutional space
  • residential space.

They specialise in systems that are user-friendly for both your home and business, scalable, and adaptable to the specific needs of your building, ensuring secure and efficient access management. Paxton offers a variety of products for access control, including electronic door locks, card readers, keypads, and access tokens. They also provide software solutions for system management and operation. If you’re interested and looking for a Paxton installer in Glasgow, our expert teams can answer all of your questions without any obligation.

Paxton Door Entry Systems

Paxton’s door entry systems are designed to provide secure and convenient access control for your buildings. These systems allow you to manage who enters your property, which can significantly enhance security for commercial environments like shops. Paxton’s door entry systems are known for their reliability, ease of use, and integration capabilities with other security systems.

Paxton offers a range of door entry systems. For example, Net2 Entry is an intercom system that can work as a stand-alone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control, combining door control with video monitoring. Another example is the PaxLock, a wireless door handle that can be used with Net2 or Paxton10 systems for an integrated security solution

Paxton Intercom Systems

Paxton’s intercom systems, like the Net2 Entry, offer secure and convenient building access management. These systems integrate video and audio communication, allowing for easy identification and entry authorisation of visitors. They’re designed for user-friendliness and can be integrated with Paxton’s access control systems.

Some examples of Paxton’s intercom systems include:

  • Net2 Entry system, which features audio-visual communication for door entry
  • Paxton10 Video Intercom, which integrates with Paxton10 access control and video management.

Paxton Product: The Paxton Key

The Paxton Key is a secure, convenient access control token used in Paxton systems for entry authentication. It simplifies managing entry permissions efficiently. The Paxton Key is part of Paxton’s range of access control solutions, designed to provide users with a secure and convenient way to gain entry. It’s typically used in systems that require authentication for access, offering a straightforward and efficient method to manage entry permissions.

A man unlocking a door with his Paxton Key on his Smart Watch
RACAM employee installing Paxton on a commercial business entry system.

How Does Paxton Access Control Work?

Paxton Access Control works by allowing entry only to those with authorised access using electronic tokens, cards, or biometric recognition. The system controls who enters specific areas and records entry and exit times from your staff, enhancing security and management efficiency.

Network Access Control and Paxton

Paxton’s Network Access Control system uses a centralised management platform to control and monitor access across a network, allowing for quick and efficient security management of multiple entry points and users within a commercial building like a shop. This can all be done at the touch of a button from anywhere in the world, highlighting the high quality of Paxton products.
We are your nearest Paxton installer in Glasgow, providing your business with the newest Paxton systems!

The Benefits of Having a Paxton Installer in Glasgow

Having a local Paxton installer in Glasgow offers businesses tailored security solutions, helpful information, and experts committed to ensuring your future is safe.

At RACAM, we truly understand the unique needs of businesses in Glasgow. This allows us to effectively implement Paxton’s advanced access control systems and provide businesses like yours with enhanced security, convenience, and peace of mind. We also prioritise longevity, which is why we offer customers ongoing services such as installing automatic door systemsCCTV monitoring, access control system servicing and maintenance services, just to name a few. Get in touch with a RACAM today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Paxton10 combines access control and video management into a single platform, offering a security solution that’s manageable from anywhere. Net2, however, focuses on access control with networked systems, which are more suitable for a range of sites, from small to large scale. Each system caters to different security needs, with Paxton10 providing an all-in-one solution and Net2 offering flexible, scalable access control.

Paxton’s software for managing their access control systems, like Net2 and Paxton10, is often provided at no additional cost when purchasing their hardware. However, the hardware components themselves, such as door controllers, entry panels, and tokens, are not free. For specific pricing, it’s best to contact a Paxton distributor or installer like us at RACAM.

To reset your Paxton10 controller, you would typically read and follow specific steps, often involving pressing a reset button on the device or accessing the system’s software interface to initiate a reset.

It’s crucial to refer to the official Paxton documentation or contact their support or professional installers for the correct procedure, as this ensures the system’s integrity and security. For detailed instructions, please check Paxton’s official guides or contact their customer support.

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