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CCTV monitoring service

Experience unparalleled security with RACAM’s cutting-edge remote CCTV monitoring service. We are operational 24/7, 365 days a year, protecting businesses like yours all across Scotland.

CCTV monitoring services are a cost-effective in-person security system. It’s always nice knowing someone’s got your back, get in touch with us today for 24/7 security, all year round.

RACAM’s Advanced Remote CCTV Monitoring Services

Safeguard your business with RACAM’s state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring services. Utilising advanced technology, we provide vigilant surveillance and security against criminal activities, ensuring your safety.

Our CCTV monitoring offers real-time response to emergencies, acting as a deterrent against intruders. Integration with public address systems allows personalised warnings, and remote monitoring provides peace of mind when you’re away.

Trust RACAM for comprehensive CCTV monitoring solutions. Contact us today and enhance your CCTV security!

Commercial CCTV monitoring systems

Prevent theft and damage with real-time audio warnings the moment an intruder enters your premises. RACAM’s commitment to world-class service and technical innovation ensures swift response times, prioritising your business premises safety at all times.

We Do More Than Monitoring

Automated and manual checks guarantee your system’s optimal functionality, offering a blend of reliability and security. At RACAM, our mission is to guarantee your safety, by checking your monitoring system’s ability, we can protect you and your property from intruder security threats and false alarms.

RACAM’s Dedicated Support

Benefit from a dedicated Key Account Manager and Technical Support team for prompt issue resolution, ensuring your continuous peace of mind. Our committed support professionals are ready to address any concerns, providing personalised assistance to optimise your CCTV system.

The unique stages of monitoring your premises remotely

Continual Coverage with Intelligent CCTV Cameras

We will install our intelligent CCTV cameras which are equipped with advanced motion detection technology. Our systems skilfully identify the presence of people or vehicles, ensuring a heightened level of security on your premises. These CCTV systems work tirelessly, continuously recording activities along your property perimeter, providing a comprehensive and detailed account for on-demand monitoring and a swift response to potential threats.

Personalising Your CCTV Monitoring with Apps

With the use of apps like Reolink and AtHome you can arm relevant zones for monitoring and disarm when unnecessary, providing flexible control to your CCTV monitoring systems.

Catching Intruders with Smart Cameras

We can use smart cameras to send video alerts the moment an intruder is detected, viewed in real-time at our control centre. This level of security protection provides us with visual verification of any and all criminal activity, allowing us to take immediate action and contact emergency services.

Challenging Intruders with Audio

Live audio systems can be a compelling factor to stop intruders. An audio prompt telling them to leave the property immediately, will close the intruder’s window of opportunity and intimidate them. A testament to the effectiveness of audio prompts as part of your security system.

Scaring Your Intruders Away

Upon hearing the audio challenge, in our vast experience, intruders usually flee. This is because they know they’ve been identified, and a physical response could follow. A powerful method for deterring intruders from damaging or stealing anything from your property.

Key-holder & Police Notification

Once criminal activity has been identified your selected key-holders and emergency services are notified of the security threats that are present. We will also send a detailed incident report, emailed directly, ensuring swift and informed action is taken against your intruders.

Video Motion Analytics and Alarm Systems

How We Use Video Motion Analytics

RACAM’s intelligent cameras send video motion analytics alarms to our monitoring centre, reducing nuisance alarms and allowing accurate threat monitoring. The use of AI systems allows our CCTV monitoring to filter out non-human alerts so genuine incidents aren’t missed by our professional security teams and systems.

Reduce Nuisance Alarms

Our technology’s significant reduction in nuisance alarms enables more accurate site monitoring, reducing overall monitoring costs. Making our CCTV monitoring service a cost-effective option for your business locations while still providing excellent coverage and protection.

CCTV Monitoring from our UK Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Compliance with British Standards and Regulations

Our alarm centre is based in Scotland and operates trough-out the UK. We also follow the British standards:

  • BS 8591:2014′ Remote centres receiving signals from alarm systems.’

  • BS 5979:2007′ Remote centres receiving signals from fire and security systems.’ Code of practice

  • BS 8418:2015+A1:2017‘ ‘Installation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems.’ Code of practice

Prevent Intruders From Gaining Access With RACAM

Reacting to emergencies quickly is what we do at RACAM. Our CCTV monitoring station assesses incidents and displays footage to our CCTV operators monitoring station screen. This allows our operators to assess the situation, and contact emergency services if needed. We can accomplish this with the provided real-time information from our monitored CCTV systems, allowing for the swift intervention from emergency services.

We Tailor Your Remote Monitoring Service

At RACAM, we tailor your remote CCTV monitoring system for a bespoke service that puts the hammer down on any would-be intruder or security incident. Our goal is to prevent any incidents from occurring through interventions which RACAM and you will agree upon. These can be:

  • Informing you as the customer.

  • Using our audio challenge system, with a pre-recorded message such as: “The police are on the way and you are being recorded”

  • We will contact the police when an intruder is seen via our remote monitoring station, with the use of remote CCTV monitoring software.

  • We can also call other emergency services and inform the key-holder if a fire or other emergency happens on your businesses premises.

Elevate Your Security: Advanced CCTV Monitoring for Unmatched Protection


RACAM’s cutting-edge CCTV monitoring ensures 24/7 security, combining advanced technology with swift responses and tailored interventions. From reducing nuisance alarms to adhering to British standards, we prioritise excellence at every stage. Elevate your business security and contact us for a free quote. Experience the pinnacle of safety through RACAM’s innovative CCTV monitoring solutions.