Commercial Fibre Optic Networks

Thinking of installing fibre optic? A RACAM fibre optic installer can provide businesses with super fast data cabling.

The team from RACAM security and communications always thrive to make sure that customers experience the highest quality of service.

The fibre optic engineer team from RACAM always pay close attention to each project we undertake, to guarantee that clients are content and connected!

  • A data cabling installer will ensure it provides super fast internet speeds, and so facilitates the transfer of data at very high speeds

  • Will help your business increase in productivity
  • Has a high capacity
  • Difficult to ‘tap into,’ the transmission is much more secure

Outdoor wireless networks

An outdoor wireless network, also known as wireless bridge systems, installed by RACAM is the ideal option for when two or more points, such as office buildings, need to communicate data but a wired network cannot be installed due to budget or landscape constraints.

Improve your Business Communication with an Outdoor Wireless Network

At RACAM, we offer the best range of commercial access control solutions, to keep you, your business, employees and visitors safe.

By offering a comprehensive range of security solutions including access systems, commercial CCTV and business intruder alarms, you can fully protect your business with the help of RACAM.

When it comes to keyless access control systems, we have a big selection to browse.

Our access control systems can all be either PC based or stand alone, and can also be integrated with your existing alarms.

What can RACAM do for you?

An outdoor wireless network is wireless data connection that facilitates the communication of data between multiple points. It is considered a solution for businesses where a wired network connection is impossible or very costly.

The point to point setup can utilise the IP protocol, which allows the extension of existing networks – allowing your organisation to continue business as normal. Sharing files, access to systems and more!

  • A long range wireless network is cost effective compared with a wired network due to initial maintenance and operations costs being significantly lower.

  • Our outdoor wireless networks can reach speeds of up to a staggering 1gb/second.

  • Installing a outdoor wireless network will not disrupt your business operations and waste time, we will work closely with your IT department to ensure smooth integration.

  • Our outdoor wireless networks can transmit up to 20km. Ideal if your business has multiple buildings located on a large plot of land, for example, a holiday park. Using repeaters, the 50km can be expended to a virtually unlimited distance.

Fibre repair service

In need of a fiber optic cable repair service? The RACAM engineers are here to help you. We have a team of highly skilled people who vast years of experience in dealing with network cabling issues.

We understand how frustrating it can be when you lose connection.

Especially in a commercial environment, which rely on the internet completely – no matter the industry. Therefore we are happy to provide a fiber optic cable damage repair service. We will come out to your property and take care of your fibre problem! Your business will be operating smoothly once again with the skills of our team.

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